These 3 winter home improvements can up your home’s value


Icy fingertips that fail to grip things and a frostbitten nose with a continual case of the sniffles - these are the joys of winter. Tired of having to deal with these frustrations, many homeowners decide to put up a ‘For Sale’ board in search of a cosier home.

"Fireplaces are a great way of creating a cosy atmosphere in any room," says Goslett.

This is according to Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, who says there are several features you can add to your home to ensure that your property is the one these 'frozen' buyers end up choosing.

“Temperature-control features are some of the most overlooked value-adding renovations homeowners can make to their properties. Especially during winter, nothing is more enticing than stepping inside a cosy home after being outside in the cold.”

Below are Goslett’s suggestions on how to make your home more enticing to buyers who are trying to escape the cold…

Underfloor heating

He says one of the quickest ways to warm up a space is to install underfloor heating. Suitable under tiles and carpets as well as wooden and laminated floors, DIY installation panels can cost around R2 000 for four square metres.

“It is advisable to have a qualified electrician do the installation for you, but you are able to lay the mats down yourself. However, you may need to enlist some professional help to assist with lifting and reinstalling the flooring.” 

Woodstoves and fireplaces

As well as creating a focal point for a home, fireplaces are a great way of creating a cosy atmosphere in any room, says Goslett.

“Just make sure that it is properly installed so that the smoke exits through the chimney and does not loiter around the room. While woodstoves might not be as attractive as fireplaces, they often generate the most efficient warmth than any other heating option.”

Heated towel rails

To add a touch of luxurious temptation to your home, he suggests installing heated towel rails in your bathroom.

“Nothing beats the feeling of wrapping yourself in a warm towel. The heat generated from the towel rails also helps to warm up the rest of the bathroom, removing some of the chill that hits you when you step out of a hot shower.”


As a last piece of advice, Goslett reminds homeowners not to spend too much money on renovations when they are planning to sell.

“Some of these upgrades can be done in a cost-effective way that will help you generate a positive return on your investment. However, all of these suggestions are nice-to-haves and not need-to-haves. If you cannot afford these renovations, you could always switch on a heater before viewers come to see the property to make sure the space is warm for when they arrive.”